Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Sweets Of Life..

Life... Hard to predict.. Sometimes we have a great time together... But,, sometimes we're left behind.. crying... without no one knows about it...
I'm not already too young or too old but, i do think that... Now is the beginning of my life..
I'm trying to learn how to be a good person that full of patient, full of loves, full of strength, and full of good things on my life to become a nice person in front of others..
A lot of thanks to my dear mum because she's been my everything in my life.. The ones who always there when i feel sad, happy, totally down, lost, and a lot of things.. Thanks mum! I owe you for all of my life.. Thanks for been my best friend too!! I LOVE YOU MUM, WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!
To my beloved adik,, thanks dear.. Even you don't know the problem is,, but you still want to lend your ears for me.. You're the best adik in the world! Mmmuaaahhh!! :-)
To 'mr.chipsmore' hehe.. :p even you tak suka I state your name like this,, but its sweet you know.. haha.. Thanks for supporting me even you stay far away from me (oppss,, jauh laa sgt kan,, tak kena seberang Sungai Melaka pun,, haha).. I do appreciate it dear!! You're one of my strength selain mak dan adik! :-) I owe you a lot.. Thankssssss!!! :-)
To my bestfriendss.... Paan,, even kau tak suka aku berblogging dan kau xtahu aku kutuk atau puji kau... Aku peduli ape.. haha.. Even kau jauh nun di perak.., aku rasa mcm kau tersgt dekat dgn aku.. Credit for you sbb kau sudi pinjamkan telinga kau utk dgr semua mslh aku n kau dah mcm abg dekat aku even aku tua 1 bulan 9 hari dr kau... Ahah.. Walaupun kau tersgt 'sengal' tp nsht kau still aku boleh pakai... Haha.. Tak sangka kau akan jd bestfriend aku, even aku tak suka engkau pd mulanya.. hehe
To my dear 'adek'.. Akak tak terase pun dgn sume perangai adik.. Akak fhm adik busy dgn assignment sume,, jgn risau kayh syg.. :-) Blajar btol2.. Prove we can do it.. No matter where we are and no matter with whom we've been friends... Stay strong honey!
To azri, thanks awk sbb sudi menjengah blog sy yg tak seberape indah ni... ahah.. Thanks too sbb sudi tnya khbr sy yg awk ckp 'tercampak jauh ke dlm hutan' hehe.. Yela,, untung laa dpt ddk kedah nan permai.. :p Credit for you too cause sudi dgr my probs even mgkin awk xfaham.. hehe.. Thanks again for your 3G.. Never thought that you'll do that.. Haha.. Keep in touch ye.. sbb awk tu mcm chipsmore :p nnti balik sini jgn lpe jumpa sy!!
To eyka,, thanks sbb support aku,, even kau jauh di Jengka, tp kau still berjaya kuatkan smngt aku mcm kau pernah buat last sem... :-) syg eyka sgt2!
To all yg sudi support me,, i owe a lot from all of you guys.. Rasenye tak terbalas sume jasa korang,, just can pray that 'May ALLAH bless all of you'
For the last, that is called 'life'.. 'karma'.. what goes around comes around! Like a wheel.. Sometimes we're on the top, but sometimes we'll fall too far down.. Just reminds that, wherever we go,, there's someone cares for you and ALLAH always there for you.. :-)

Salam Sayang... NN_AFE

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